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1. Who is behind "Life On Demand" ?


Sven Essig (Vocals, Lyrics, Electronics)

Alexandra Huber (Vocals, Lyrics, Electronics)

Andreas Müller (Electronics)


2. How would we describe our music ?


Melancholic, emotional, gloomy, experimental


3. What makes our project special ?


The multilayered and varied sound.

From gloomy end-time ballads to danceable beats.


4. What and who do we want to achieve with our music ?


We do not want to change the world but leave a trace on it.


5. What made us want to make music ?


A passionate hobby from which we want to make more.

Love for music. Music is our time out.





The promotional CD with 4 tracks appeared late 2015.


Our debut album was released in December 2016.




pic by j2ms

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